About Us

Launched in Los Angeles by a brother and sister team, Vitox first started as a homemade recipe. Our mom created the blend for our dad after learning about the numerous health benefits of apple cider vinegar. After experiencing first hand how Vitox contributed to a noticeable improvement in our family's health, we decided to share this recipe, a labor of love, and our continued commitment to clean ingredients, with more people. 

We believe in the therapeutic power of quality food and still drink Vitox everyday! 


Vitox Drinking Vinegar Production Facility


Vitox is fermented in small batches everyday in Los Angeles, CA. We're committed to Vitox, a no-shortcut, premium product, with quality ingredients and quality processing. 

We use no artificial ingredients like fruit flavoring, fruit extracts, fruit concentrates, fruit purees, and coloring, and ferment our blends to enhance the gut health benefits of Vitox Drinking Vinegar.